Register (ConfTool)

Participation fees (for the moment)



150 €

Members (GI and German UPA) *

99 €

University members #

120 €

Students (Non members) #

25 €

(Members GI and German UPA) *

25 €


n.a. (please register online for the conference, 150 €)

Dayticket Students #

n.a. (please register online for the conference, 25 €)

* including participation in the evening event (if offered)

# for the purposes of the reduced conference fee are those without a permanent job, with only marginal employment or a comparably low stipend.

The “Mensch und Computer” conference is a scientifically oriented, non-profit conference. Since a large part of the participants actively present papers, all those who present in the program or in workshops must also register normally as conference participants and pay the conference fee.

The ticket price includes participation in the entire conference program – whether MCI or UPA events. Each participant can thus freely compile his or her own program from all the lectures, workshops and tutorials on offer. Also included is participation in the demo and poster session and, for most ticket categories, the evening event. Owners of a day ticket can attend all events of the booked day (except the evening event).