Conference mode

Since as of today only about 90 people (and possibly divided over different days) have registered for attendance participation in Ingolstadt, we are unfortunately unable to hold the MuC in the hybrid mode originally planned. From the point of view of this year’s organizing committee, the added value of such a presence component is not in an acceptable ratio to the benefits: The core feature of the MuC is the open exchange among each other – but if the majority of the participants* are not on site, then in our view this is no longer possible.

Therefore, unfortunately, contrary to the original plans – as much as we all would have liked it – no presence participation will be possible at the MuC 2021. Instead, we will focus on using appropriate tools to facilitate a good exchange in the digital world. All participants who had registered for a presence participation will receive a refund of the difference amount in the course of the next week – i.e. a downgrade to the online ticket of the respective booking category will take place. This will happen automatically – no action on your part is required.

However, if you want to cancel your ticket completely due to the changed mode, please contact us promptly at: We know that with this change we are upsetting the preparations of all those who have already firmly planned a visit to Ingolstadt for the beginning of September. But we ask for your understanding – the current number of participants makes this step unavoidable.



Kind regards,

Andreas Riener and Simon Nestler

General Conference Chairs MuC 2021